A view from the top of the Himalayas of the Valley of Flowers

Why did Prabu cross the Road Less Travelled*?

It could be that (that) Road was Traveled Less

‘Cause strewn with dashed hopes and low (no) pay, its a mess

(But) I’ve inner feelings to address

Without which there may be regre(t)s

In my new nonprofit role

Love, peace - maybe it’s all hyperbole

I’ll be working towards my new lofty goal

Seeking Connections that make us whole

With gratitude to my friends, my head is bent

With love and best wishes on your own journey, this note is sent

I’m taking this step with full intent

Rest easy, I’m content.

*”The Road Not Taken” is my favorite poem by Robert Frost.

I sent this poem as a note to my colleagues and friends in the business world, as I transitioned to be an Encore Fellow, to work full time with the nonprofit sector.


The Turkeys are here – Its officially Springtime!

Turkey full pose open train

All set to impress

On this rainy Sunday, the turkeys visited us from the wilderness across the street.  The male was trying very hard with

Turkey DSC_1320

He’s crying for attention: “Look at me! I’m so colorful and handsome!”

his colorful and fully open train,  to impress his female friends, who seemed more interested in feeding on the fresh green grass.

Turkey DSC_1310

She’s more interested in eating the new grass than in him

Cherry Blossoms in our backyard

Cherry Blossoms in our backyarss.

Fireplace 20160313 DSC_1341

Cheery fireplace on this cold rainy Sunday

With the rains, the turkeys, flowers in bloom and the Daylight Savings Time, no doubt, Spring is here!


For the first time in our new home, we have a lively fire roaring in the fireplace.  No place to go, nothing to do but enjoy each other’s conversation and silence.  So thankful for this abundance.

Change… its moving time!

As I read the first entry on this well-written blog, I felt proud and touched. Sneha writes so well – (of course I’m biased!) of change. She is filled with the optimism and clear-eyed resolution that marked the beginning of most of my Summers in college… except, in this case, I know that there will be positive follow through, and I watch with interest.


Today, movers will carry away what we ruthlessly pared down from nearly twenty years of accumulated stuff. I’ve enjoyed this downsizing as much as I’d enjoyed training for the Marathon. There are many metaphors hidden here, many feelings, many lessons that I’m processing.

In all this, I’m filled with gratitude – for the love of this affirming, nurturing family, the many many friends we’ve grown to love, the sheer magnitude of change that this great community fostered in us, for what we’ve experienced first hand as the land of opportunity, for the many colleagues who taught me, for all my students, for Louie and Ollie…. I’m content. I’m also ready for the changes ahead.

I’m moderating a webinar on gamification this Thursday

This should be fun… moderating this webinar with Rajat Paharia and Phaedra Boinodiris, experts in gamification. More details and registration information at: http://bit.ly/1bvftRG


Read an article in The New Yorker about interesting findings on how and why we make  and break resolutions.

While the various studies were interesting, what also stuck with me was the sense of optimism that we have.  Quote:

In a series of studies, forthcoming from the journal Management Science, Milkman, Riis, and Dai found that fresh starts do push us to change our behavior. The beginning of a week, a month, or a year forms what the psychologist Richard Thaler calls a “notational boundary.” With that, researchers suspect, comes a sense of optimism, the promise of “a new me,” as Milkman put it.

This sense of a new me is a powerful driver of our behavior.  This also formed the basis of  several fascinating conversations today with S, R, A, L among others… as we cheered for participants of the New Year’s Double Marathon this morning, watched Stanford play Michigan State at the Rose Bowl in the afternoon and a deep, emotional conversation this evening.

No new year resolutions this time around.  I’ll just be consistent in the behavioral changes already firmed up in 2013.  I’ll continue to experience the fun in daily exercise and daily expression of my creativity.  Yes, I have learning goals – more on those as we go along – but no “resolutions” as such.




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