A view from the top of the Himalayas of the Valley of Flowers

Why did Prabu cross the Road Less Travelled*?

It could be that (that) Road was Traveled Less

‘Cause strewn with dashed hopes and low (no) pay, its a mess

(But) I’ve inner feelings to address

Without which there may be regre(t)s

In my new nonprofit role

Love, peace - maybe it’s all hyperbole

I’ll be working towards my new lofty goal

Seeking Connections that make us whole

With gratitude to my friends, my head is bent

With love and best wishes on your own journey, this note is sent

I’m taking this step with full intent

Rest easy, I’m content.

*”The Road Not Taken” is my favorite poem by Robert Frost.

I sent this poem as a note to my colleagues and friends in the business world, as I transitioned to be an Encore Fellow, to work full time with the nonprofit sector.


3 thoughts on “Why did Prabu cross the Road Less Travelled?

  1. What a lovely poem. You are wished the very best in your new endeavors. It has been a pleasure working with you at IBM and I will cherish the great memories we created as a team.

  2. May your transition be smooth & successful !
    May your service in the nonprofit sector bring smiles onto many faces !
    May all your dreams of serving the needy be fulfilled!
    I thank God for giving you this great opportunity of taking this big step!
    With love,

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