The Turkeys are here – Its officially Springtime!

Turkey full pose open train

All set to impress

On this rainy Sunday, the turkeys visited us from the wilderness across the street.  The male was trying very hard with

Turkey DSC_1320

He’s crying for attention: “Look at me! I’m so colorful and handsome!”

his colorful and fully open train,  to impress his female friends, who seemed more interested in feeding on the fresh green grass.

Turkey DSC_1310

She’s more interested in eating the new grass than in him

Cherry Blossoms in our backyard

Cherry Blossoms in our backyarss.

Fireplace 20160313 DSC_1341

Cheery fireplace on this cold rainy Sunday

With the rains, the turkeys, flowers in bloom and the Daylight Savings Time, no doubt, Spring is here!


For the first time in our new home, we have a lively fire roaring in the fireplace.  No place to go, nothing to do but enjoy each other’s conversation and silence.  So thankful for this abundance.

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